Reiki Lineage

Increasingly, those studying Reiki are beginning to join Reiki societies and associations. One of the questions asked by these organisations, is which Reiki Lineage do you belong to.
What is a Reiki Lineage?
A Reiki Lineage refers to the Reiki Masters that have descended from Dr Mikao Usui. All lineages must be able to trace their roots back to Dr Usui, clearly stating the names of all the Reiki Masters along the way.
Before the death of Dr Mikao Usui, he passed the Usui system of healing on to Dr Hayashi. In turn, he made Mrs Hawayo Takata his successor. Before her death in 1980, Mrs Takata had attuned 22 Reiki Masters. Below are their names:
George Araki
Barbara McCullough
Beth Grey
Ursula Baylow (deceased)
Paul Mitchell
Iris Ishikura (deceased)
Fran Brown
Barbara Weber Ray
Ethel Lombardi
Barbara Weber Ray
Wanja Twan
Virginia Samdahl (deceased)
Phyllis Lei Furumoto
Dorothy Baba (deceased)
Mary McFaden
John Gray
Rick Bockner
Bethel Phaigh (deceased)
Harry Kuboi
Patricia Ewing
Shinobu Saito
Kay Yamashita (Takata’s sister)
Barbara Brown
Note: This list is reprinted from Reiki the Healing Touch by William Rand. Permission is granted to reprint portions of this text so long as the original source is cited: Rand, William. Reiki, The Healing Touch. Southfield, M:Vision Publications
When choosing a Reiki Master to study with, always ask which lineage they belong to and confirm that once a Reiki level is complete, that a copy of that lineage be made available to you. My lineage has been verified by the UK Reiki Federation and a copy is available to anyone who trains with me. It follows: Dr Usui, Dr Hayashi, Mrs Takata, Phyllis Lei Furumoto and then only two more Reiki Masters before it reaches me.